Commercial Airlines

Get a Competitive Edge With a Custom, Optimized Instrument Procedure

Porter Airlines at Billy Bishop AirportCommercial operators need to be able to function from both smaller and larger airports with equal reliability and safety. Final Approach™ is constantly updated to incorporate the latest standards so that airlines can take full advantage of the most recent advances. Air Navigation Data can design optimized instrument procedures in even the most challenging environments. Air Navigation Data was able to overcome such challenges for Porter Airlines, designing a 4.8 degree ILS/DME procedure for Runway 26 at Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport, despite its unique environment.

Create a Private Instrument Procedure Design Office

Should the volume warrant, with our tools and expertise, commercial operators can easily establish their own in-house instrument procedure design office. Final Approach comes as a fully integrated system, all necessary equipment, including hardware, software, data and training is provided. The system is delivered fully configured requiring only power and a printer to begin the design process. Depending on the operators need, systems are also available foor lease.