EMS Helicopter Operators

Instrument Procedure Design For EMS Helicopter Operators


As an EMS helicopter operator, you need to provide reliable service. That means having optimum instrument procedures at all of your operating locations. Air Navigation Data can design the most efficient procedures for any location, whether its a rooftop helipad or a confined area ground helipad.

STARS Air Ambulance has long been a client of Air Navigation Data. They operate from multiple helipads at hospitals throughout Alberta and each one requires an up-to-date instrument procedure to ensure safe and reliable patient transport. Air Navigation Data provided ongoing suport to STARS by designing and maintaining all their instrument procedures.

New Instrument Procedure Design Office

Air Navigation continues this support, now that STARS area of responsibility has grown beyond Alberta to include Saskatchewan and Manitoba, through providing them with the necessary tools and data to establish their own procedure design office. Using Final Approach, STARS is now able to independanty design and maintain their own instrument procedures. STARS has depended on Air Navigation Data to provided the vital tools to meet is growing needs and responsabilities.