Military Aircraft Operators

Military-HeloAs a military aircraft operator, you need to be responsive to rapidly changing situations at home and abroad. This means the ability to act independently is paramount. Having the resources to create your own approach procedures for anywhere in the world at a moments notice can be an invaluable asset when response times are critical. With Final Approach, we can help you establish a self-sufficient instrument approach procedure design office capable of completing a procedure design in less time than it takes for the aircrew to prepare the flight.

When Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake in January, 2010, Canada’s Department of National Defence, a long term customer of Air Navigation Data, was able to create both fixed-wing and helicopter instrument procedures for a small airport (Jacmel) in their independent design office, where none existed before. This allowed them to transport vital supplies in their C-130 Hercules aircraft and to carry out local support missions via helicopter.
We can set up your own IFP Design Office