First ILS Procedure for Rwy 26 at CYTZ

New Procedures Overcomes Many Obstacles

Billy Bishop Toronto City AirportFinal Approach™ was used to design the first ILS procedure for Runway 26 at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport for use by Porter Airlines. Given the environment with many obstructions along Toronto’s busy waterfront, an ILS procedure was not previously possible. Further complicating the environment was the possibility that tall ships could be in the harbour, close to the approach end of the runway. The solution was to design a procedure with a 4.8 ° glideslope angle, clearing all obstructions. Further, the design required the installation of a marine radar so that Air Traffic Control can verify that the area off the approach end of the runway is clear of marine traffic prior to clearing an aircraft for an approach.

Porter Airlines Receives Authorization

The new procedure is a SAAAR procedure in that Special Aircraft and Aircrew Authorization is Required. Porter Airlines, who commissioned Air Navigation Data to design the instrument procedure, will benefit by having additional landing options during inclement weather.