New Procedure for BB-TCA Airport (CYTZ)

Transport Canada Approves New Procedure For Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

New Instrument Approach Procedure Allows Reduced Weather Operations

Billy Bishop Toronto City AirportAir Navigation Data Inc. today announced the final approval of a GPS-based instrument approach (RNAV(GNSS) LPV) procedure for Runway 08 at Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (CYTZ) that will improve flight operations in unfavourable weather conditions. The new procedure allows approaches to 250 feet (76 metres) above the runway, an improvement of 69 feet (21 metres) over the existing instrument landing system (ILS). This new procedure permits the best possible approach minimum under the current airport certification.

This new procedure is only available to operators and aircraft that are equipped with the latest equipment technology and have demonstrated operational compliance. Although Porter Airlines is currently the only authorized operator, it is anticipated that in the future other operators will be able to utilize these state-of-the-art procedures.

Air Navigation Data also designed the Instrument Landing System procedure (ILS/DME) for runway 26 at CYTZ which has a 4.8 degree glide path.