New Release Final Approach

Version 3.0 Incorporates FAA Order 8260.58

Instrument Procedure Flight Check
Rule modules for TERPS, LNAV, LNAV/VNAV and LPV are now 8260.58 compliant! This enables Instrument Procedure Designers to take full advantage of the latest in criteria development to produce modern, efficient procedures.


64-bit Provides Greater Accuracy in Version 3.0

Utilizing the latest 64-bit compliant hardware capabilities, calculations are now performed using 64-bit algorithms allowing critical points to be calculated to increased accuracy.


Expanded Toolbox

Version 3.0 also provides additional tools to enhance software usability. Two new features have been added to an already feature rich tool box including a unique Search and Find capability and circling exception handling in both PANS OPS and TERPS versions of Final Approach.