Aeronautical Geodesic Calculator

Pathfinder Now Part of Final Approach™

The functionality of Pathfinder has now been fully incorporated into Final Approach, our instrument procedure design software tool.

Pathfinder – Aeronautical Geodesic Calculator Plus

The Pathfinder geodesic calculator computes geodesics at any altitude set by the user from the earth’s surface to 100,000 feet. Bearing values are provided in both true and magnetic using the built-in variation model. Data created in the geodesic calculator can be saved to the database for subsequent retrieval and/or for display using the mapping function. Units of measure can be changed at the touch of a button.

Pathfinder calculates:

  • Great circle bearings (both forward and reverse);
  • Distances;
  • New geographic positions, and;
  • Intersections or waypoints.

Resolution exceeds all industry and ICAO requirements.

Variation Model

The Pathfinder variation model can be used either in conjunction with the geodesic calculator or independently with its own window. The model computes variation at the earth’s surface or at any altitude up to 100,000 feet. The variation model is indispensable for today’s navigation practices.


The mapping feature in Pathfinder shows aeronautical data that has been calculated with the geodesic calculator or simply entered into the database. Classes of data can be turned on or off to reduce clutter. The map feature permits crucial visualization of computed data to ensure consistency.

Pathfinder Database

The database in Pathfinder provides full browse, editing and printing features. The database is invaluable in maintaining a secure, consistent and reliable record of aeronautical data.