Procedure Design Services

Turnkey Instrument Procedures

We do it all, starting with data collection and an airport survey to a flight-checked approach plate ready for publishing.


Airport Survey

Data Collection and Airport Survey

We collect all available aeronautical, terrain and obstruction data. Runways ends, nearby obstructions and other critical points are also checked with an airport survey.

LPV Procedure Design

Instrument Procedure Design

Using Final Approach™, our automated procedure design tool, we design  optimum procedures. Final Approach allows us to rapidly evaluate all possible configurations, ensuring most efficient procedure is selected.

Instrument Procedure Flight Check

Procedure Flight Inspection

We fly the procedure and the boundaries of the protected airspace to verify its “flyability” and to check that there are no unexpected obstructions that penetrate the protected airspace.

Jacmel, Haiti Instrument Procedure

Jacmel, Haiti Instrument Procedure

Procedure Publication

The finished approach plate is submitted to the authorities for publication and circulation in accordance with local procedures.

Ongoing Procedure Maintenance

It is common  for the local civil aviation authority to require a periodic review of all procedures, typically every 4 or 5 years. In addition, it is prudent to monitor related aeronautical publications for changes may impact on the procedure. Finally, local developments adjacent to the airport should be reviewed as well. Air Navigation can provide these services as part of procedure maintenance agreement.