Instrument Procedure Design Training
To meet the growing need of Civil and Military Aviation Authorities and the Instrument Procedure Design community, Air Navigation Data has created a series of  courses to train employees and qualify instrument procedure designers in all aspects of procedure design as well as the latest advances in instrument procedure design criteria.

Instrument Procedure Design Training

Air Navigation can provide training in the actual process used to design instrument procedures. The course syllabus includes all aspects of designing instrument procedures from data gathering through to submission for publication.

Instrument Procedure Design Criteria Training

There are two main sets of criteria, or rules, used to design instrument procedures. Air Navigation Data can provide training on the interpretation and implementation of both sets of criteria.


TERPS, or Terminal Instrument Procedures, is the set of criteria developed by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The TERPS are published in FAA Order 8260. In addition to the US, TERPS is used in Canada (incorporated into TP308, the Transport Canada Civil Aviation criteria book) and by a number of air forces around the world.


PANS-OPS, or Procedures for Air Navigation Services — Aircraft Operations, is the set of criteria published by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). PANS-OPS are published in ICAO Doc 8168 and are used wherever TERPS are not used.

3D Airspace Design Window

3D Airspace Design Window

Airspace Design Training

The design of airspace, particularly at the national level, is a difficult task. Air Navigation Data has developed a course that helps attendees visualize the complex interplay between different airspace elements using Final Approach™, our instrument procedure design tool with the airspace management add-on module and built-in 3D Design Window.

Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) Training Courses

This training course prepares new AIS officers for their upcoming tasks. It covers not only the essence or procedure design, but how it all fits together with the other elements to create the integrated Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) for an ICAO Contracting State.